Line Ups

Certain venues or player schedules sometimes require us to perform with fewer (or more) personnel.

NOTE: See calendar details of each performance for whether it‘s a solo, duo or full band show. Dates subject to change. Click your browser‘s “refresh” button to make sure you are viewing the most recent calendar.

Here are the line ups we have available for bookings:

Thunderheads - Full Band

Typically consisting of two guitarist/vocalists, bass guitarist and drummer. Sometimes a keyboardist is added.

  • Steve Blexrud
    lead guitar/vocals
  • Craig Paquette
    rhythm & slide guitar/vocals
  • Blake Tanberk
  • Jim Ryberg
  • Bill Boyce
Thunderheads Trio

Thunderheads Trio

Typically consisting of two guitarist/vocalists and bass guitarist. Alternatives like keyboards or drums instead of bass to complete the trio are possible.

Thunderheads Trio

Thunderheads Duo

Typically consisting of two guitarist/vocalists. Alternatives like keyboards or bass to instead make up the duo are possible.

Thunderheads Trio

Steve Blexrud (solo)

Thunderheads‘ guitarist/vocalist plays several solo shows throughout the year. Some performances are just acoustic guitar and vocals, sometimes Steve adds his own pre-recorded backing tracks and delivers as a “one-man-band”.

Steve Blexrud Webiste

Steve Blexrud - Solo

Craig Paquette (solo)

Thunderheads‘ rhythm & slide guitarist/vocalist plays several solo shows throughout the year.

Craig Paquette Website
Craig Paquette - Solo